35 years together

A few weeks ago, Leo and I renewed our vows for our 35th year of relationship. We did it at Leo”s faith community (Stone Village Church). Leo’s children and grandchildren were able to attend as well as a few friends. The reading of our vows and the prayers of the community were woven into the regular Sunday service. Afterwards, we went to lunch with our families. It was a low key ceremony, but it was meaningful to Leo and me. These years have taken work and our relationship continues to evolve. It is interesting to me that after 35 years, sex has begum to be less important, at least the actual sexual act. Instead, Leo and I hold hands watching television and kiss each other whenever one of us has to leave the house. I believe that these are ‘sexual acts also. It is special to us. Thirty-five years in relationship with each other.! Thank you, God.

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